Video analytics
Video Analytics Solution

Paralaxiom VAST

Video Analytics and Surveillance Toolkit (VAST) is a powerful video analytics platform which enables creating custom AI bots to monitor, analyze and flag alerts on the video feeds coming from various contextual environments.

Natural Language Processing

Paralaxiom AMPLE

Paralaxiom natural language processing platform is capable of extracting text from a document or image, process the text for text understanding based on the context and built custom application on top of it like enterprise workflow, text rephrasing, form filling etc.

VAST Features
Face Recognition
Intrusion Detection
Suspicious Incidences
Counting and Reporting
Smart Subject Search
AMPLE Features
Ticket Classification
Sentiment Analysis
Document Classification
Document Digitization
Form Recognition

Case Studies

About Us

Paralaxiom Technologies harnesses deep learning algorithms to develop video analytics based security and compliance applications. We offer OCR products and image classification tools enhanced by machine learning algorithms and robust statistical analysis. We are among the earliest practitioners of AI software and we have world class credentials in these technologies.

Team Paralaxiom consists of a set of seasoned technologists from premier educational institutes. We have a proven track record in ramping up complex software products and solutions in both multinational companies and startups.


Kshitij Sharma


Kshitij Sharma is Paralaxiom’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. He is a seasoned engineer with two decades of rich experience in software development, deep learning, analytics, computer vision, cloud computing and enterprise software areas. He has several years of experience in building and leading engineering teams and programs, creating and implementing processes and developing an overall strategy for software engineering for large multinationals like Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Aruba Networks. Prior to Paralaxiom, Kshitij has also served as Chief Technology Officer for two deep tech startups solving complex problems in the domain of machine vision. Kshitij received his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay in 1997.

Salil Manekar


Salil Manekar is Paralaxiom’s Co-founder and COO. He has over two decades of rich experience in software development, analytics, business intelligence, ERP and related enterprise software areas. He specializes in operations, program management, analysis and strategic development solutions in diverse business settings. He has a varied experience and knowledge in various domains like manufacturing, agriculture, trading, computing & telecom industry. Prior to Paralaxiom, Salil has served in various roles in Dell EMC, Motorola, think3 & Kewalram Chanrai Group (Nigeria). Salil completed his 5 Yr Integrated M.Tech (B.Tech + M.Tech) from Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay in 1998. He is an avid traveller and a night photography enthusiast.

Nikhil Pande

Nikhil Pande


Nikhil is Paralaxiom's Co-Founder and manages Sales Operations. He has a strong background in Sales and has led Sales Operations in companies like Zoomifier, Thinstrokes, Assetlink and SAS Institute. He is skilled in marketing management, customer relationships management (CRM), Go-to-market Strategy, Management, and Software as a Service (SaaS). Nikhil received his B.Tech & M.Tech dual degrees in ECE from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay in 2009.

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